Copy of Pirate Jim's Aloha ka Poalua (Aloha Tuesday) Kanikapila reminder - October 3, 2017

Well, what do you say after everything that happened yesterday? A lot has been said already and I really can not add anything other than we all need more Aloha. More and more! Let it in your heart and let it increase in power and size so that our hearts become so full they feel like they will explode! This starts with community and we HAVE it! Let's grow it together tonight at my Kanikapila!

This weeks kanikapila will be at John and Cherie Musselwhite's home

How Much: FREE

Why: Because we can and we should!

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Pirate Jim's Aloha Tuesday Kanikapila & Pot Luck Lūʻau - September 12, 2017

Aloha kakou! Hau'oli au! I am very excited about tonight's kanikapila. This week is going to be different. We are starting early and having a pot luck lu'au before the jam.

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Pirate Jim's Kanikapila - August 22, 2017

Aloha kakou,

Pehea'oe? Maika'i au! I hope your adventure watching the eclipse yesterday was fun. I was inside eating a cheeseburger when it all went down. I was hoping it would go really dark here during the event, but it didn't. I guess I should have driven to Idaho Falls.  Hopefully the rest of these dog days or summer will be as fun as yesterday. How about we keep it going with a jam?

This weeks kanikapila will be at JJ's House!

When: Tuesday August 22, 2017 - 7:30-9:00pm

Where: 2002 A 26 Ave NW

How Much: FREE

Why: Because we can and we should!