Pirate Jim's Kanikapila - September 29, 2015

The hardest thing to deal with during the fall is trying to figure out how to dress for the weather. In the mornings it is cold here in Calgary so you wear pants, a long sleeve shirt and perhaps a sweater, but by lunch time the sun has warmed the air and earth so much you need to change into shorts and a t-shirt. Well today I figured out a solution to this problem. Go to Hawaii!!! 

I know. That doesn't help those who can not go to Hawaii, but I have the next best thing... My Kanikapila tonight at the shack and a video from the 2015 Hawaii Ukulele Festival featuring Jake Shimabukuro! See you tonight my friends!

What: Pirate Jim's Kanikaplia

Where: 87 Tuscany Springs Way NW

When : September 29, 2015 (tonight) from 7:30-9:00pm

How Much: FREE for club members, $5.00 drop in for non-members


Maika'i no Jake!